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You stand at the base of a large family tree whose branches  spread deep into the past. Who are your ancestors, and how can you trace their paths through time and place? What journeys did they make, and how do they fit into  in your Tree of Life? How did their  stories shape your family's future?


Our genealogy research services help you discover the myriad branches of your family tree, and how biology, culture, and family history have been woven together to make you who you are today.

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                            Here at  River's Edge                               Geographics,  we                                specialize in  in                                        biogeography  research                      and education. While most of          our work relates to the biology and geography of natural resources, our biogeography skills can also be applied to studying many other aspects of  human geography and history as well.

And while we have particular interests in folk cultures and ethnobiology, and land-use and  and the evolution of cultural landscapes, we also  delved further into the study of migration journeys and  settlement patterns, immigration history, and genetic genealogy.

While these are  interesting research topics in and of themselves, they  can

also be applied uniquely to the study of  family histories and genealogy.


Therefore, our background specialties

in both biology and geography have  also been a springboard for nearly 30 years of genealogy research on behalf of  families in search of answers to genealogy questions!


As "genealogy detectives" we  have shared our experience and skills with many clients, and would be happy to  help you discover the story of YOUR family history!



Using  historic documents, maps, dna testing  and other genealogy resources, 

we can help you:   


  -create a multigenerational family tree,

  -explore your  ethnic roots,

  -chart family journeys,   

  -and maybe even solve

             a  family  mystery or two! 

Why contract with Northwoods Genealogy to help as you embark on this journey? In  nearly 30 years of experience in genealogy research, we have helped dozens of people answer genealogy questions, dig deep into their family roots, and discover the stories of past ancestors.


With academic degrees in both biology and geography, we can help map the journeys of generations past that have led to you becoming YOU, and assist you in understanding how culture, geography, history and genetics have shaped you and connected you to other branches of your family tree.

With access to and facility with leading research databases and genealogy tools, we can assist by documenting the paper trail into your past ancestry, or work on whatever road blocks and brick walls you may have encountered in your own research thus far.


Then, if you want to add depth to your journey, we can help you delve into genetic genealogy through DNA testing , and help interpet the results.

With many tools available, we can help you develop a more comprehensive family tree, and provide results in digital and/or paper format.

With membership in the Association of Professional Genealogists, we regularly participate in continuing education programs in genealogy, keeping up to date on the latest resources, databases, and developments

in the field.

Contact us and let's see how we can discover your family story! 

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